Liquidation of wells

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In order to protect underground water supplies, boreholes which are no longer in use must be liquidated (plugged). Borehole liquidation is conducted in accordance with the regulations and requirements of state. Only licensed firms and experts have the right to perform plugging.

Boreholes liquidation is required in the following circumstances:

  1. the borehole is no longer being used:
    1. the borehole is located in a territory where economic activity has ceased,
    2. a new borehole is established to ensure water supply,
    3. an alternative solution is found to ensure water supply (e.g. centralised water supply);
  2. the borehole is in critical condition and it is impossible or costs too much to repair;
  3. the borehole`s operational lifespan has expired or its technical condition makes it unsuitable for further operation (e.g. the borehole`s pipes have disintegrated due to corrosion);
  4. the quality of the water from the borehole does not comply with safety and quality standards stipulated by the Cabinet of Ministers and improvement of the water quality through filtering is impossible or too costly to be feasible.

At the conclusion of borehole liquidation work, a borehole plugging statement is drafted, one copy of which is given to the owner of the borehole and the second copy is given to the Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Agency.

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